Monday, November 24, 2008

So my main place of sale is Etsy, but I also had stuff up for sale on a new site called It's a pretty neat site where you can have your portfolio, network, and sell your items. Sign up is free. I even made 2 sales there recently. And then I found out why Etsy rocks so much. I love Artistful for it's networking, but for selling jewelry? Not so much. They take 20 percent of your sale AND from shipping because you have to include shipping in the cost of anything you sell there. And then, once you make a sale, the buy pays Artistful and Artistful holds the money for 2 weeks or until the customer receives their items, whichever comes first. Honestly, it's such a hassle. There's really no reason for it. Etsy doesn't do it that way and they're free. Artistful claims they take that much because they offer a free service. Clearly none of them belong to Etsy.

Therefore, after the two sales I made at Artistful, I moved everything I was selling into my portfolio (i.e. not for sale). But just 5 minutes ago, I was commissioned to make another pair of earrings just like the ones I had already sold on there. Go me! The funny thing is that the second I finished making the first pair (see left), I put them in the pile of "to sell if I can" because I didn't like the way they looked. Not one bit. Now here I am, about to make another pair! I guess we are our own worst critics.

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